Kinks and Fetishes of The New Generation

With time, sex has become something more than just fulfilling sexual needs. The thirst of exploring sensuality, fetish and kinks are the reasons why the youth spends a good time on porn sites. Plus, homosexual porn is now slowly getting the acknowledgement and cheers it's been deprived of for so long.  


The sex tape is a trend

When a couple decides to make a sex tape, that’s a gesture of kink and trust. Couples are now pushing taboos away and that’s a real good sign. If you look back a decade ago, apart from mainstream pornstars' videos, there were only leaked MMS where you could hardly find the real flavor of sexual pleasure.

But now real homemade porn is a trending search on every porn site. The artificial setups for mainstream porn are not pleasurable enough for some people, since they need it to be raw and real and that’s why teen porn sites fulfil their libido.


Kinks to explore

It's because of the pornographies that people are now so much into exploring the kinks and fetishes. For instance, most females are scared of having anal sex, while guys love it like hell! But thanks to the porn sites, that not only assure them about the safe anal sex but tickle their kinks also.


The same goes for BDSM. People are now free from monotonous sex that has ceased giving them pleasure. Because of the porn sites, the field of sexuality is now vast enough. Couples are now having anal sex, threesome, BDSM, and even incest. Unlike, straight porn, homosexual porns are not so mainstream yet. Although there are big dick gay porn sites like Gayroom, XVideos Red Gay and GayWire etc. similarly to LesboFuck.



The illicit affair

No matter how much the topic makes you feel embarrassed in front of others, most men have an Oedipus complex. Guys love to fantasize about moms or mom like characters, that’s why MILF is the new trend. Similarly, girls have fetishes to fuck their dad or elder brothers. And due to porn, all these are about to be the new normal. Along with MILF, the FemDom strikes. Guys like being dominated by older women and femdom satisfy this need.


Up for role-play!

To make regular sex more pleasurable, sex toys and role-playing are something very important. Using a buttplug, dildo, blindfolds and handcuffs make it kinkier. If you haven’t used a sex toy yet, try to finger her raw while pegging her with a dildo. She’ll be burst with pleasure. Or tie her hands with the handcuffs, blindfold her and then fuck her brutally, it will double the level of pleasure for both of you.


Do you have a kink to fuck your teacher but never could! Ask your partner to play the role of the teacher and you know the rest, right! Or if you wanna do a rapid quicky in a porn style like LuxureTV, ask your partner to go in the backseat while your car is parked in the empty parking lot.


Fulfil and live all your kinks and desires. Just don’t forget to ask for consent first. Apart from consent, nothing will stop you from fuck like a rabbit. Have a good day!